Marathon Power specializes in unique products such as Battery-less and Ruggedized systems. All of our products are made to ISO 9001 certified standards and the result is a stable, total quality-oriented supplier capable of meeting the specific needs of our customers.

We are able to customize most models to meet the specific requirements of your application.  If you have an application that requires a special product or a customized solution, we will meet with you, review your requirements and offer suggestions as to how we can most appropriately meet your needs.

Double Conversion UPS


The Vault Series is our latest, state-of-the art range. Featuring true on-line, double-conversion technology with power factor correction, they are ideal for the most critical and sensitive applications where the best level of power protection is required. Connected equipment is not only immune to even the slightest power fluctuations, but is also protected from other power anomalies such as spikes, surges, noise, extended under- and over-voltages, harmonics and frequency variations.


Line Interactive with True Sinewave UPS


Marathon Power’s Track Series models are ideal for more critical applications requiring true sine wave output while in backup mode along with the efficiency of a line-interactive design. Automatic Voltage Regulation provides mitigation of sags and swells without relying on backup battery power. This conserves battery energy for more severe disturbances such as power interruptions and outages.


Line Interactive UPS


The Sprint Series is a comprehensive range of cost-effective models designed to suite a broad array of applications. They feature up-to-the-minute sine-wave tracking and control firmware, which results in improved response time and efficiency.



Marathon Power is pleased to announce its first battery-less Uninterruptible Power System. It is a state-of-the-art, double-conversion “UPS” that uses Supercapacitor technology for energy storage instead of conventional batteries.

The system is designed to provide short-term backup to sensitive loads in applications that either need to ride-through voltage sags and momentary power outages or simply bridge the start-up of a generator.



The Marathon Power Ruggedized UPS Series consists of True On-Line (Vault) and Line Interactive (Track) UPS’s with such features as UPS & power-monitoring software, integral auto-bypass, various communication options, extended run-time capability, cold start, advanced battery management and microprocessor control. With extremely wide input tolerance and operating temperature ranges our Ruggedized UPS series are the most flexible and technologically advanced UPS’s on the market.  Like our other models, our Ruggedized UPS’s are fully customizable to cater to your application.


Traffic UPS

Traffic control and signal equipment consistently experience power interruptions. The Marathon Power Traffic UPS series are maximum performance systems suitable for a wide range of transportation applications and extreme temperature environments. Designed for extended run-times, these units also feature temperature-compensated charging to maximize battery life in harsh environments. The units have six fully programmable dry contacts to give complete control of data and system programming. Our Traffic UPS's are fully customizable to meet the requirements of your transportation application, making our units the most versatile battery back-up solution for traffic control and public safety.



Marathon Power offers optional user friendly accessories for each model series. Please contact us for information on custom or otheraccessories such as cables, mounting hardware, extended run-time battery packs, software options, etc.

  • S-400 Relay Cards
  • Ethernet Cards (SNMP/Web)
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit