When you do business with Lenco, you can do it with confidence. Confidence that your product has been designed and engineered by professionals. Confidence that it has been manufactured with the highest quality materials available. Confidence in a product on which you can stake your reputation. Build to your spec: UL, CSA, TUV, etc.


Lenco Electronics can design custom Inductors or build to your exact specifications. Inductor Types from Hi-Frequency switch mode Inductors to large 3 phase Inductors.

Lenco manufactures Inductors using a variety of magnetic core materials such as ferrites, iron powder, laminations and amorphous alloy. Common conductor materials used in our manufacturing process include magnet wire, Litz wire, copper foil and aluminim foil. 

At Lenco we will work closely with your design team to meet all your electrical and mechanical requirements.

  • AC Line Reactors
  • Common / Differential Mode Inductors
  • Current Limiting Reactors
  • DC Filter Inductor
  • DC Link Inductor
  • DC Swinging Inductor
  • Grounding Inductor
  • Harmonic Filter Reactor


Custom Transformers


At Lenco Electronics, your "Special Application" is truly "Our Specialty". Custom transformers of all types. Our versatility includes small printed circuit board transformers, single phase transformers from 10mW to 25KVA and 3 phase transformers from 7VA to 75KVA. Your "Special Application" can be designed with any style of custom termination required. 

Lenco provides low cost samples along with design and manufacturing support from prototype through production.

  • Audio transformers
  • Switch Mode transformers
  • Inductors
  • Plate transformers
  • Medical (UL 2601/IEC 601)
  • Converter Transformers
  • Current Transformer
  • PCB Transformers
  • Filament Transformers
  • Inverter Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Hi-Temperature (Class H per UL 1446)
  • Low Profile Transformers
  • Control Transformers
  • Constant Voltage Transformers
  • Pot Core
  • 400HZ Transformers
  • 3 Phase Transformers (7VA to 75KVA)
  • Autotransformers
  • Buck Boost Transformers


Three Phase Transformers


Lenco Electronics designs and manufactures a wide range of three phase isolation transformers and three phase autotransformers ranging from a 7VA to 75KVA. We also offer a wide range of termination systems including leads, lugs, bus bars, din rail or any combination your special application may require.

Lenco provides low cost samples along with design and manufacturing support from prototype through production, from 1 to 100,000+ units.


Printed Circuit Board Transformers

At Lenco Electronics, your "Special Application" is truly "Our Specialty". Our versatility ranges from small PCB transformers, inductors, and chokes (shown right) to 75 KVA three-phase transformer capabilities.

In addition, your "Special Application" can be designed with any style of custom termination required.



Constant Voltage Transformers

Lenco can custom design AC and DC Constant Voltage transformers (also known as Regulating transformers or Ferroresonant transformers).


Lenco has in stock Constant Voltage/Ferroresonant transformers (Sine Wave Output) for immediate delivery. These transformers are designed to provide a relatively constant output voltage (±3%), with less than 3% distortion under full load and under 5% no-load GUARANTEED, while specified input voltages may vary by as much as +15 to -25%. Providing high isolation and fast response time (typically 1-2 cycles) these transformers are excellent at controlling voltage sags, surges, brownouts, noise and distortion.

All Lenco Constant Voltage/Regulating transformers are built to a UL recognized insulation system. They feature Compact Terminal Strips that provide the ultimate in safety due to all the metal parts either being fully enclosed or deeply recessed. These transformers are available from 50VA to 1500VA and in 120,240 and 480 volt 60 Hz. configurations. Special voltages and/or frequencies are available upon request.




Lenco has in stock auto transformers (also known as StepUp/StepDown or Buck Boost Transformers) for immediate delivery. These autotransformers are available in power ranges from 100VA to 5000VA in both 115/230 and 240/480 volt configurations.

They are also Bi-Directional and designed to accommodate 50/60 Hertz applications for greater versatility. Built to Lenco's exacting standards, these auto-transformers are highly efficient, small in size, and very competitively priced.